Il Poggio is located in the green and luxuriant Rovereto Hills, in the heart of Gavi DOCG. The vineyards have south south-west exposure, which allows the vines long sunny days, and are at 330 meters above sea level. Here the soils are rich in sand and clay. This terroir can lead to the creation of delicious wines full of expression of the cortese grape.

The yield is kept very low keeping the delicate flavours of the grape concentrated. The vineyards are all managed by hand and the knowledge of the vines has been passed from Mother to Daughter. Franca had the first vintage in 1972, and over the last ten years has handed over the key winemaking roles to her daughter Francesca.

Both Franca and Francesca are passionate about wines and Il Poggio in particular. The volumes made are very small and their aim in quality is extremely high. The winemaking is clean, simple, and unobtrusive, creating a wine reflective of its terroir and delicate handling.

Francesca does a malolatic fermentation of her whites.A practice found mostly in Reds to smooth out some of the sharp edges.

This secondary fermentation gives the wines a supple roundness.Cortese grape is very age worthy especially the Gold Label.

Wines Represented by Mondo Vino:

2017 Gavi di Gavi Black Label DOCG(unoaked): The wine has a brilliant fresh nose of apple, pear, mineral, and herbal note. Very round mid-palette with a wonderful mouth feel. Nicely complex finishes on a lemony mouthwatering note.

2017 Gavi di Il Poggio Nuvole DOC This new Gavi is a great introduction into the Corese grape.Intensely aromatic and finesse with a lovely mouthfeel.A sure crowd pleaser.