CA'VIOLA-PIEDMONT-Dogliani (Cuneo)

Giuseppe"Beppe" Caviola, AKA The Dolcetto King, is best known as a consultant to some of the most legendary estates across Italy. At his own winery, Ca'Viola (in local dialect, little violet house)  Beppe produces Dolcetto, Barbera, and Nebbiolo-based wines that beautifully showcase the terroir and fruit expression of the Langhe.

All Ca'Viola wines are made solely from estate grapes with the average yield per acre never exceeding 1620 kg. These low yields are achieved by constant controls and extensive summer pruning. The vineyards are managed by partner Maurizio Anselmo who constantly endeavors to improve quality. Amselmo's hands-on approach is accompanied by the indispensable assistance of agronomist Gian Piero Romana.

Beppe's extensive winemaking training and consulting experience in Italy has resulted in a passion for realizing the potential of the native varietals that grace the peninsula, especially in Piedmont. To this end, Ca'Viola has given Dolcetto and Barbera separate vineyards where they can enjoy the best expositions. In addition, each vintage is used as an opportunity to experiment with new techniques, from vinification to aging, in order to find the techniques that best suit this microclimate. All these factores combine to create a line of wines that expresses its rich terroir and unadulterated varietal character in a unique and vibrant manner.

2015 was the first vintage of single vineyard Langhe Riesling.Straw yellow with green highlights.Nose is very intense lemon-lime ,green mango and petrol.Bone dry and big on the WOW factor. 

In 2002, Beppe received the award"Winemaker of the Year" from Gambero Rosso. 


Wines represented by MONDO VINO:

2010 Barolo Sottocastello Di Novello translates to "under the castle" of Novello. This tiny 2.3 ha, in the town of Novello, reaches 470 meters above sea level. Aged over 36 months in large barrels, 12 months in the bottle. Production is tiny. One barrel of high quality "Cru" Barolo each year. First vintage in 2006 received 3 bicchieri from Gambero Rosso. Accolades and reviews have already started pouring in for this exceptional 2010 Vintage. / 94-Points James Suckling/ 3-Bicchieri Gambero Rosso

 2017 Dolcetto d’Alba Violet Med-bodied plus intense aromatic nose of Black Plum and Blueberry.Dark almost inky in colour.Flavours of violet and black currant with a supple textured finish.

2015 Barbera d’Alba Brichet March 02/2019 In Store Discovery Flagship Item # 452813