For centuries farmers have worked the lands of Caltagirone with wisdom, passing down to the present day their skills in the cultivation of Nero d'Avola, Frappato, and Alicante, so that these have become typical features of the local lands and culture.

The Daino estate cultivates its vineyard using traditional techniques, at the same time protecting the environment and nurturing the natural development of the plant and fruit. The various stages of cultivation are carried out manually: from the design and layout of the vineyard to the subsequent stages of cultivation, each vine is personally tended with care and attention. Vine pruning follows the phases of the moon and is done with secateurs made, as in times gone by, by local craftsmen. The surface roots are cut forcing the rooting system to grow down deeper. Emphasis is also placed on so-called "green pruning" to curb excessive growth during the summer to contain the foliage.

Gianfranco Daino's winery lies within the Bosco di Santo Pietro woods, 20 km from the city of Caltagirone. The estate spreads over 6.5 hectares of natural beauty where Nero d'Avola, Alicante(Grenache), and Frappato grapes are organically grown and cultivated to produce his only red wine called SUBER. The name comes from the majestic specimens of Quercus Suber(cork oak) which populate the woods di Bosco Santo Pietro.

Gianfranco's significant dedication and passion gave Daino estate great recognition, culminating with the Slow Food Association Award as Best Sustainable Winegrower in 2015.

Wines represented by MONDO VINO:

2014 Daino SUBER IGT - Nero d'Avola, Frappato, and Alicante,

2014 Daino SUBER IGT Magnums 1500ML.